In a remote corner of Europe from Mark Brogan on Vimeo.

In a remote corner of Europe

6´30, DV PAL, 2008

This is the second in a series of experimental films I made about an outsourced market research operation in the Balkans.

The film is based on job interviews in which applicants are filmed reading lines from an autocue taken from telephone scripts. After the reading, they watch a film in which they see the film clips from which their autocue scripts came and then watch a training session in how to best use them.

The applicants give their consent to taking part in a kind of audition for the job which was really an initiation into the psychological situation peculiar to this  working environment. Some of them decided after this process that this work wasn't right for them.   

This experimental film practice became essential to running this business.  It was an exploration into the creative possibilities and limitations of film making in a constrained situation.  

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